Oxfordshire Manor House

by Brett Lohn

This painting was commissioned by the owner of an elegant and beautifully maintained manor house, set in the heart of the Oxfordshire countryside. Measuring 36 by 54 inches and painted in oil on canvas, the brief for this painting was very specific. The client sought an accurate painting of his house and grounds as viewed from the end of a walled formal garden. The problem presented was that the entire vista could not be seen from the desired viewpoint. Brett therefore chose to paint the scene as if viewed from several feet further back, beyond the wall at the end of the garden. This was an extremely ambitious composition.

The property offers peerless tranquility and that quintessentially English country estate fusion of a structured formal garden, amid lush greenery, with contrasting red brickwork. Brett sought to emphasize the peace and tranquility of the estate by creating a painting that could not be dismissed at a glance. The greater the time spent in reflection and examination of the painting, the more the subtle atmosphere of a peaceful summer day in a formal English garden begins to permeate. Viewing this painting demands that most precious of commodities: time.

The gate to the right of the property is left slightly ajar, linking this painting to a previous commission Brett received featuring a different area of the grounds. To the left of the property the open pathway leads the viewer beyond the composition and into the future, to other areas of the property as yet unrecorded.

Although there is cloud cover in the sky, as is typical on an English summer day, the sun is still able to glance through and flood the landscape. Apart from the obvious references to dualism that this presents, there is also a more subtle acknowledgement of the permanence of the present being needlessly undermined by the shadows of the future.

Solo Exhibition 11th - 17th December 2017

Come and see Brett's breathtaking original oil paintings up close!

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From 11th - 17th December 2017 10 am - 5pm (10am - 4pm Sunday) at Denbies Wine Estate.

This is a rare opportunity to see Brett's beautiful original oil paintings and pencil drawings on display alongside limited edition prints and greeting cards of his work.

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The solo exhibition will be held at Denbies Wine Estate, London Road, Dorking, Surrey RH5 6AA - tap the map for directions.

He's also exhibiting his prints and cards at Bourne Hall (KT17 1UF) 5th - 9th Dec. Exhibition Info